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Queen (penned by Annika Sorenstam)

Hole 1, Par 4

The opener starts from an elevated tee looking down a generous fairway. With a lateral water hazard on the left, the fairway bunker right is an ideal target off the tee. Favoring this side also presents the preferred angle into the midsized green. There’s plenty of room right of the putting surface, but its strong right-to-left slope makes for a speedy recovery shot. A bunker long left will stop a pulled approach.

Hole 2, Par 5

This is a challenging but rewarding par five featuring both an elevated tee and green. Aim to the left, as a lake defends the landing area on the right. An eagle putt is possible for the long and high hitter, but precision is also required to hold the back-to-front sloping green. The more practical play may be laying up around 80 yards out for a relatively straightforward, uphill approach.  The green is quite deep, making distance control a major factor between birdie to bogey.

Hole 3, Par 4

Fun and strategic, the aggressive player can elect to reach the green from the tee. But beware, as the oval-shaped putting surface is quite tricky and surrounded by several steep bunkers. It’s a great match-play hole where there are myriad ways to make birdie (and bogey).  

Hole 4, Par 3

A long par three that’s a touch uphill. The prevailing left-to-right wind must be factored in off the tee in order to avoid a steep slope left of the green. Players reaching the surface in regulation will be rewarded with a fairly flat and predictable birdie putt. 

Hole 5, Par 4

The third elevated tee in five holes overlooks a beautiful hole highlighted by a lake-guarded green. Most players will face a short-iron approach over the water to a green sloping from back to front. 

Hole 6, Par 4

The ideal drive on this dogleg right par four is a fade off the fairway bunker down the left. The second shot plays slightly uphill to a huge undulating green. Its hollows and humps will test the imagination and feel of low- and high-handicappers alike.

Hole 7, Par 3

A stunning downhill par three featuring a putting surface guarded only by a lake on the right. The mid-iron tee shot should favor the center of the green for a makeable birdie putt.

Hole 8, Par 4

Aim down the left of this dogleg to take advantage of mounding that will kick the ball to the center of the fairway. A deceptive bunker in front of the green makes the approach shot seems tougher than it really is. If between clubs, longer is definitely better.

Hole 9, Par 5

Set up for a tee shot down the left to give a better view of the green on this long par five. Laying up to a favorite distance for a full third shot will help players hold the small green. There’s a bail out area right, but it leaves a tough downhill chip.

King (compiled by Thad Layton for APDC)

Hole 10, Par 4

Playing from elevated tees to the gently sloping fairway below, the preferred line is down the right side toward the fairway bunker. A tee shot hit here will have an open angle to the green guarded snugly at the front by a pot bunker.

Hole 11, Par 4

Pay close attention to your distance as tee shots hit through the landing area will gather in the deep swale that cuts through the fairway. The large putting surface is bracketed both short and left by the biggest bunker on the course. The most prudent play is out to the right to access the strong slopes that will feed shots onto the green.

Hole 12, Par 3

What this par 3 lacks in distance and lack of bunkers,  it makes up for in challenge with a bold putting surface and exacting pin locations on the right side of the green . No matter the location of the pin, it’s advisable to play toward the left side of the green and rely on your putter to secure a par.

Hole 13, Par 5

This lengthy par 5 plays slightly downhill to a wide fairway that encourages golfers to reach for a bit more distance than usual. A cluster of bunkers guard the ideal landing area for those choosing to lay up. The elevated green boomerangs around the bunker cut into the hill to the right while a steep slope ruthlessly protects the left side of the green. This is a challenging green to hit from any distance.

Hole 14, Par 4

A great risk reward type hole that exemplifies the go for broke style of Arnold Palmer. Favoring the right side of the fairway here is the best option to open up a view of the green for your approach. Tee shots hit down the left side will face a challenging second as the slope short and left of the green obscures the view of green. Of note, the putting surface slopes front to back on its left side while the right-side slopes back to front. 

Hole 15, Par 4

The diagonal creek bed that splits the fairway on this drivable par 4 asks the golfer to play as near as possible to secure the best angle and shortest distance for the second shot. Golfers that successfully carry the hazard will typically face a short and relatively easy pitch to the green but when the pin is tucked back left behind a large mound that protects this section of the green, going right off the tee is the best play.

Hole 16, Par 3

A drop dead gorgeous par three framed by a trio majestic elms and a pair of beautiful bunkers. The green is relatively deep from front to back, so make sure you pull the right club to get your ball on right level of the green. 

Hole 17, Par 5

Hug the bunker protecting the right side of the fairway to ensure an unobscured view and angle to the layup area. Mind the deep swale past the second landing area that protects the ideal approach into the small green that is angled left to right and shored up by a deep greenside bunker. Utilizing the slope leading into the green is the best way to avoid the bunker and get it close.

Hole 18, Par 4

The finishing hole will provide the firmest of tests for those seeking to close out their rounds with a solid par. Bold tee shots will take on the center fairway bunker to set up a long second shot to a large green perched atop the hill and divided into three distinct sections. A four here is an accomplishment of which to be proud.