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The Royal Golf Club Phasing Plan

The Royal Golf Club is currently taking reservations for non-specific lots via the Priority Choice Process. Those on the Priority Choice List will have ‘top priority’ in choosing their lot once the Preliminary Plat is approved by the City of Lake Elmo.  

The complete details of this process are outlined in the LOT HOLD FORM
If you are interested in reserving your priority choice, submit a completed 
LOT HOLD FORM along with the deposit.
The Royal Golf Club development will be built in multiple phases. Phase I is illustrated below.

For information regarding our RGC Real Estate Team, please review the REAL ESTATE AGENCY RELATIONSHIP.

Phase 1 Royal Golf Club Illustrative Plan

Click HERE for PDF version of the Royal Golf Club Phasing Plan.

The Royal Golf Club Master Plan

Click HERE for PDF version of the Royal Golf Club Master Concept Plan.